In the current scenario of online business opportunities, every business, be it small, medium or large scale and even solo entrepreneurs are seeking ways to enhance their businesses and reap the maximum from their investments. Given this competitive, capatlistic model, businesses need ways of simplifying their models and cutting costs where they can to be able to get ahead of the pack. This is where market automation systems and other building platforms such as LeadPages help to automate and hasten mundane business and marketing activities and free up time for more complex issues. What is even better is that we are in a time where different systems integrate with each other, thereby filling in the gaps and rendering more complete and comprehensive software solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs – LeadPages and Ontraport.

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LeadPages is one such platform that integrates with a variety of market automation systems and ESP’s (Email Service Providers). Here I am going to focus on LeadPages integration with and Ontraport and the benefits of this setup for businesses and entrepreneurs. But first, a little information on Ontraport.

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LeadPages and Ontraport

If you are a sole entrepreneur or a small scale business and you’re looking to automate all your marketing operations so as to systematize and scale your business efficiently and save time and money on the way, then Ontraport’s marketing automation software is a top choice.

Whether you are running a business, or a blog, or conducting seminars, training, coaching, or consulting or you’re an author or a speaker and you’re involved in Information Marketing, Ontraport’s system has something for you.

Ontraport has a solid CRM, email service, builder and integrates with a variety of third party applications via its Market place. LeadPages is one such platform that Ontraport integreates with. LeadPages is the most intuitive and comprehensive landing page building platform that allows you to build all kinds of landing pages within minutes and post them. The platform also provide a host of other list building tools that make lead generation easy, quick and painless.

There is no doubt that the marketing automation of Ontraport is incredibly productive as it enables automation through channels that include sending personalized messages via email marketing campaigns, postcards, two way text messages and more. As for the CRM of Ontraport, it provides an in-depth analysis of the customer base, including the reasons for client attrition, decline in sales figures, and information about the client’s relationship with the company. Also, The CRM is much more than a simple repository for client data; it helps track the interests of your clients based on their behaviors, so that you can create communication that are more effective and more likely to close sales.


When you couple the automation capacity of Ontraport, including its ability to capture and track the behaviors of your customers with LeadPages attractive landing pages and lead generation tools, you get an extremely powerful SAAS product with the potential to create and implement powerful marketing communication that guaranteed to convert. Moreover, Ontraport’s email services can be easily accessed on all kinds of user friendly interfaces, including mobiles, laptops and tablets, which is also true of the landing pages that you create and customize within LeadPages. It is no wonder that so many businesses that incorporate this awesome combo of automation and lead generation find immense success and loyal customers for years to come.

In the contemporary era of online marketing one cannot overlook the significance of lead generation to capture the potential marketplace for creating brand awareness, lead generation and nurturing the sales funnel. In fact, it won’t be wrong to state that if you desire to reach out to your potential customers, attract them and engage them in the sales funnel, then you need to resort to optimizing your efforts towards lead generation. There is need of choosing the multi-faceted approach towards online marketing to reach out to millions of people who could be your potential leads to achieve your target towards augmenting the process of lead generation.

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Why Lead Generation is Important?

It’s a fact that Lead Generation is extremely vital to make qualified sales and enhance your revenue manifold. There are many benefits of lead generation such as:

  1. Building brand awareness
  2. Attracting the targeted Customer Base
  3. Nurturing the sales funnel
  4. Improving Sales

3 Sure Fire Tactics to Attract More Leads

It cannot be denied that lead generation is the process of attracting prospective customers and convert them into leads by making them the part of the sales funnel. The initial step of creating a lead is to make your presence felt in the world of online marketing by having an incredible website and make an accurate assessment of your potential customer base and then design the strategy to capture the opportunity to make them into leads.

Here are 3 sure fire tactics to attract more leads which are explained as below:

Social Media Marketing

It is precisely comprehensible that social media has become an integral part of online marketing strategies and it’s crucial to utilize this powerful medium in an appropriate fashion to derive the optimal results in form of lead generation and successful conversion rates. There are certain factors which need to be analyzed to make optimal usage of social media marketing.

  • The first thing is to determine the exact channel of social media which your potential customer base use and find out the WHY and it should precisely be ideal for your business model.
  • Secondly, you can make use of Hubspot’s social inbox or Hoot suite to have a closer look at the keywords, social sharing terminology and all the related subjects which would enable to focus on potential leads.
  • Thirdly, to attract a large number of leads you must opt for sharing the URLs of your landing pages and obviously your blog posts. This would encourage inbound leads.
  • Lastly, you should try to reinvent the old blog posts and landing pages with certain changes to attract more traffic to your website

E-mail Marketing

  • It is undeniable that email marketing enjoys the most popular place in terms of attracting leads to your business. In fact, the automated email workflows enable to get through the customer life cycle, which initiates with the process of getting first hand information from the prospective customer when he shares his email and other details of the very first digital transaction to your website in lieu of certain information. There are certain factors which should be kept in mind while using this medium of marketing.
  • The email should be precise, well-constructed, informative and within 500 words.You can make personalized mails to get immediate response.The content, heading, title and subtitle should be engaging.It should be accessible on mobile and other devices as well.

Search Marketing

  • It’s significant to realize that search marketing offers the key role in generating more leads by making sure to provide the precise and informative content on your website. The initial click on your website by people on a regular basis clearly shows that your content is certainly informative which is sought by the visitor. So, this means that writing the content which proves useful to your visitor in such a manner which sounds appealing to them can lead to generate potential leads. Let’ look at few points:
  • It’s required to take care of the fact that the content should be written in such a manner which appears semantically sound in terms of use of words and phrases.It’s required to take care of providing the premium quality content which should be unique, informative and avoid plagiarism.The content should be descriptive, not too long, with proper usage of title tags and adequate positioning of relevant keywords, with fast loading of pages.This will help in optimizing your content in search engines and more people would be able to reach out to your website as all these factors would help your website to rate better in the search engine index.
  • If you play your cards right and follow these simple measures of the trade, your success is inevitable.