About me

Hello folks… my name is Adam Justice and I’m an Aussie from Queensland, Australia. I am only recently married and we just had a baby girl, who has within the last few months stolen my heart. She knows all the tricks and stops to bring this 250 pound man to his knees. I’ve competed in Rugby at the amateur level and almost turned pro but she knows exactly how to play me and I have to admit I Iove it.

Although rugby and marketing are world’s a part, I take too them both with the similar passion. In many ways, It was my passion and skill at having started my own online businesses that deterred me from chasing the pro league and being able to actively raise a family. Just ask my wife, and she’ll tell you how glad and proud she is of my other marketing skills over and above running and smashing into other guys for a living.

I first started working online, when I realised that my blog was attracting a lot of people who were reading and then sharing that information. I would mostly talk about the different trends in marketing and all the latest in marketing tools and technology that was making headlines and changing the way in which businesses and people communicated.

Since I had a graduated with a degree in computer science and had done some basic programming in my college days, I was able to understand a lot of the new marketing automation platforms that were being developed and are still being developed at a cellular level. This insight helped me write in way where I could really reach a large audience of people who could probably benefit a whole lot from these systems but just didn’t have the necessary wherewithal to understand their potential for increasing business.

So when I started generating a lot of traffic I decided to write more specific material for more specific audiences so that I could reach the people who would benefit the most from what I had to offer. This also helped me connect with all those online marketers who were at the forefront of marketing online and eventually create a great network of associates and then some of my own online ventures into affiliate marketing and other exciting projects.

Folks, I would love for you guys to able to have your own online ventures going and attract and convert all the leads and more for your businesses. That is the purpose of why I write. I love helping people succeed just as I was given the proper guidance when I was starting out. So, please write me by filling the form, if you have any questions or problems and you will surely receive a prompt reply.

To your success,
Adam Justice